MICE Showcase Talks To Amaresh Tiwari, Md, A.t. Seasons & Vacations Travel Pvt. Ltd.


MS. Please share the role of your organisation in the MICE sector.
Meetings & Incentives World (A division of A.T.Seasons & Vacations Travel Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading MICE company in the country. We specialise in handing Meetings, Conferences, Incentives, Corporate Training Programmes, Team Building, Offsites, events and Inbound and Outbound Tours along with Corporate Travel.

MS. What differentiates you from your competitors?
We conceptualise ideas, develop the content, do market research and based on the needs in the industry, we offer programmes. We are doing a lot of work on MDPs, LDPs and SDGs. We organise Industry events with international exposure, best management practices and this makes us different from our competitors. We work a lot on building confidence, trust, creating team, developing bonds amongst participants and creating continuity even after the event is over.

MS. Please highlight your service delivery capabilities.
We organise events not only in the major cities of Indiabut we create an environment and eco system through our sister company “Chrysalid Outdoor Learning Centres India Pvt Ltd” where we not only develop the remote areas but also maintained sustainable development. We have developed the environment in wilderness where participants learn about nature, take back from nature and organise great events with value for money.
We organise MICE events not only in India but across the world, thereby creating the value for our clients. We are having our network partners at 42 locations across the globe.

MS. What are the key milestones achieved by your organisation over the years?
We started our business in the year 2003 and since then we had organised many firsts in the industry, e.g. Made In India show; Enterprise India Show, etc. We had been assigned to organise events as the official agency of CII in Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, CIS countries, Romania, South Korea and other places in the world. When REED Exhibitions entered into India, we were its official agency and handled most of their major shows, conferences in India. We got awarded as the “Best MICE company of the year”; “Best Conference organiser”, “Excellence in Service Standard”, “Best Tourism Professional of the year”; “Most Influential Tourism Professional”.

MS. Who are your key clients?
Although there’s a vast list of that, but some prominent among them include from these industries- Automobiles sector, Automotive Components Manufacturers; Oil & Gas Industry; Power and Energy Sector; Corporate Trainers, banking and Finances, Management Associations, Industry Associations, etc.

MS. What are some of the key challenges which you have faced in your business over the years?
Skilled Manpower specially young professionals who are not having the exposure of MICE in their curriculum; Government support in MICE promotions; Use of funds to maintain cash flow at low industry rate as compare to competitive markets; higher taxation rates of 28% GST which create very negative impressions in global market. These are some of the key challenges faced by us while operating in this sector.

We started our business in the year 2003 and since
then we had organised many firsts in the industry,
e.g. Made In India show; Enterprise India Show, etc.
We had been assigned as the official agency of
CII in Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, CIS countries,
Romania, South Korea etc.

MS. What are your future plans?
. India being the fastest growing market and one of the biggest consumer markets, our aim is to promote MICE in tier 2 and 3 cities more often, so that an environment of inclusive market can be created. We are also developing the knowledge based MICE Industry in India and to promote new concepts and new ideas. We are setting up a more specialised team to cater specific industry needs.

MS. What are the issues being faced by the Indian MICE industry?
Higher GST rates of 28%, Conference Visa; Removal of Licence Raj from organising conferences and events; Incentives to organisers so that they can bring their events in India, are some of the major issues being faced by the Indian MICE industry, in my view. We need to have a clear Incentive policy and corpus of funds to promote MICE globally as bureau and able to bid for International conferences through ICPB.

MS. What are the opportunities present in this sector?
There are huge opportunities available in this sector. More than 40% leisure market is coming because of MICE industry. Being one of the biggest consumer markets and being one of the fastest growing economies, in the next 20-30 years MICE business in Asia, specially in India presents a very promising future. And we are in a very good position to capture these opportunities. MICE is going to be the biggest foreign exchange earner and the largest employment generator in tourism sector.

MS. What kind of support does the Indian government provide to the MICE sector?
Market Development Assistance (MDA) to official DMCs/PCOs to bid for International Conferences. However, the industry expects more efforts from the government to promote MICE in India. The government should have a pro-active approach to remove hurdles present in this sphere.


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