Maldives To Promote MICE, Cultural And Sports Tourism


Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation has revealed its efforts to enter MICE, Cultural and Sports Tourism. In a press event held recently, Thoyyib Mohamed, Managing Director, MMPRC said that the corporation believes it is time to diversify Maldives tourism to more niche markets.He further said, “We have seen temporary efforts in marketing Maldives to several niche markets in the past; without a significant result. Therefore I believe we need a good understanding of niche marketing and even better plans to achieve results. Now we are in the process of creating a marketing plan to reach several niche markets in a sustainable manner. They include MICE, Cultural and Sports Tourism. We are working with a consultant to formulate these strategies for the year 2020.”By the end of August 2019, MMPRC has marketed the products of Maldives tourism at 15 fairs in 12 markets and five roadshows in 13 markets. Furthermore, 12 joint promotion programmes, two global campaigns and several foreign media FAM trips have been conducted with great success. In addition to these activities, 11 Public Relations firms are constantly promoting Maldives to their respective markets.


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