Only Mumbai And Delhi From India Features In Safe City Index 2019


Mumbai and New Delhi are the only two Indian cities that made an appearance in the Safe City index 2019. Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka and Amsterdam have occupied top spots in the list, a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by NEC Corporation. The Index ranks 60 cities based on 57 indicators such as digital security and personal security apart from health and infrastructure. Sydney holds the fifth spot and Toronto is sixth. Washington DC is on number seven while there is a tie between Copenhagen and Seoul for the eighth spot. London is on 14 while New York is on 15. Los Angeles took the 17th spot. Paris is on number 23 and Dubai is on 28. Beijing is on number 31 and Shanghai is on 32. Kuala Lumpur took the 35th place while Istanbul is at 36 and Moscow at 37. Dhaka and Karachi are on 56 and 57 respectively whereas Lagos, a city in Nigeria, ranked last in the list. With issues such as terrorism and climate change increasingly on people’s minds, the index’s compilers say it now takes into account the ability of a city to “bounce back” after a natural or man-made disaster. While analyzing a city’s resilience, the Safe Cities Index looked at the emergency services available in the city, transport facilities, catastrophe insurance, disaster-risk development and cyber-security preparedness.