2nd Edition of CII Tamil Nadu Medical Value Travel Mart


At a time when global healthcare costs are sky-rocketing, the world can take inspiration from the Indian Healthcare Sector, which provides high quality healthcare at highly competitive prices as compared to any other similar healthcare facilities in the world. From quality of therapy, range of treatment options, infrastructure and skilled medical expertise to perform any medical procedure, the benefits of travelling to India for medical treatment are many. Indian healthcare industry competes with the best in the world in terms of, infrastructure, technology, expert doctors and nurses.

The country has the finest and one of the largest pools of doctors and paramedics in South Asia, with many of them being of global repute. India’s expertise in highly specialized areas of organ transplants, orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, neurology etc. has made the country an emerging hotspot for medical value travel (MVT). NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India), a Government of India policy think-tank has identified MVT as one of the major growth drivers and a major source of forex earning and is currently working out a roadmap to ensure significant growth by 2020.

As healthcare turns costlier in most countries, India’s medical value travel market is expected to more than double in size from USD 3 billion at 2018 to around USD 8 billion by 2020 according to a recent report. With specific focus on diversifying to newer sources of MVT and better offerings catering to large set of global patient pool, India could accelerate its MVT growth from current estimates of 15% (base rate) to 25%.
Tamil Nadu has been one of the favored destinations in MVT in India for the last decade due to the focus on providing great healthcare solutions in the most efficient way. According to a recent study by Grant Thornton, more than 45% of patients who choose India as their healthcare destination, have chosen Tamil Nadu as their state of choice. The state of Tamil Nadu offers state-of-the art medical care at affordable costs. Why Tamilnadu is important in MVT Sector

Key Differentiators on why Tamil Nadu holds an important place in MVT in India:
Excellent doctor pool with high competency in applying newer treatment methods and use of advanced medical technology and exposure to International practices.
World-class Medical Infrastructure: Cutting edge technology investment in diagnostics and medical procedures
Good Air Connectivity
Financial Savings
Medical facilities across the state

The CII Tamil Nadu Medical Value Travel Mart 2019, scheduled from Sept. 19-22, 2019 at Chennai Trade Center, will reiterate the importance of Tamil Nadu in the medical value travel sector.

Attracting more than 200 foreign patients every day, and producing the country’s largest number of medical and paramedical professionals, Tamil Nadu is the country’s most sought after medical tourism destination. Based on industry reports Tamil Nadu attracts about 40-50% of medical tourist arrivals in the country, followed by Maharashtra and NCR.


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