Maniyar Dam Tourism Project loses steam


The tourism development projects conceived around the Maniyar dam with much fanfare in Pathanamthitta has hit a roadblock. The DTPC had embarked on this ambitious project a few years ago pumping in a lot of funds and lot more of expectations. The works starts with the construction of sitting arrangements for the tourists.

The reason for the suspension of the work was not forthcoming from the authorities. Presently, the constructed areas are in a disused state.

Under the jurisdiction of Vadasserikkara Panchayat, the Maniyar dam and adjoining areas have a good tourism potential. Building a children’s park making boating facilities in the reservoir were contemplated.

Since the forest area around has a large variety of birds, arrangements for bird-watching tours were also considered. These, plus the British era bungalow and a suspension bridge, both currently under the AVT care; and the scenic geography made the place an ideal tourism spot.

Many tourists visit the place even in its current state. It is suggested that with a deeper, more sincere involvement of the Panchayat, all the envisaged projects could be commissioned to make Maniyar Dam one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Pathanamthitta district. Package tours connecting Maniyar Dam with the Konni Elephant Reserve, other Konni-Adavi attractions including coracle rides, the Perumthenaruvi waterfalls, the hydro-electric projects etc and combining these with Kumily, would have a lot of takers.


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