Biometric Immigration Clearance for Passengers at Bengaluru Airport


Indian nationals arriving at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) from foreign destinations may have to stand in queues to get their passports stamped. According to the reports, the Bengaluru International Airport Pvt. Ltd has suggested the development of technology, which would help Indians re-enter their country by using their biometrics such as iris scan to lodge their arrival.

Because of the unified database held by the immigration office, the passport will get stamped digitally and bear the same data as the physical stamp. Reportedly, the proposal has been forwarded to the Bureau of Immigration. On acceptance, the proposal could dramatically change the airport immigration experience of Indians by eliminating the imperative requirement to line up in the queues.

By bringing about the smart technology, the waiting time for foreign nationals would cut down and the queues reduced. All that needs to be done is to present their iris for biometric and they are good to go. News has it that the plan is to use biometric such as thumb, palm print or iris for this purpose.

Under the proposed system, the passport of the Indian passenger returning to the country will get digitally stamped. The same technology will be applied for an Indian national flying out of the country for a foreign destination.
However, BIAL’s proposal to the bureau of immigration is only for Indian passport holders returning to Indian shores for now.

Reportedly, Bengaluru and Hyderabad airports have been leading the game for using technology for enhancing passenger experience at the airport.


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