No Wildlife Selfies in Costa Rica


Costa Rica’s wildlife is public property and, thus, is protected by the state. Now, there is a new campaign in the country that is asking travellers not to take selfies with animals. Costa Rica wildlife selfies have been a thing among travellers for some time now, but the country’s all-new campaign #stopanimalselfies is urging travellers to do away with this practice.

According to Costa Rica’s Vice-Minister of Environment and Energy, Pamela Castillo, the risk is on both sides. While, on one hand, humans disturb the fauna creating stress and suffering, animals can present a risk to people on the other hand. Also, animals can get sick through transmitted pathogens by humans. It is their natural habitat, and it is important to respect their space.

The #stopanimalselfies campaign is also asking visitors not to offer food to wild animals, while trying not to capture their images at the same time. Visitors should also proceed with caution and not make loud noises, or even throw any sort of objects at the animals. Getting their attention is also a strict no-no, and the animals should never be touched or grabbed.

Through this campaign, Costa Rica is looking to raise awareness among people regarding the negatives of selfies in such a place, and to educate people regarding the risks that are involved.


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