MICE Showcase Talks To Kush Kapoor CEO, Roseate Hotels & Resorts & Chairman, National Council On Tourism & Hospitality, Assocham


MS. You have joined as Chairman of the National Council on Tourism and Hospitality, ASSOCHAM, which is one of India’s largest and most influential chambers of commerce. How are you preparing for challenges that lie ahead?

Kush Kapoor. I am confident with the team I have & the support from Assocham fraternity, I will be able to deliver the output expected from me. Our focus will be on key areas and we will try to address them in the Best possible manner by acting as a catalyst between Tourism Industry, various stakeholders & Govt. bodies. As we are moving out of 18 months long lockdown period and as domestic Tourism has shown Great support to the economy, we are confident that the future ahead will be a Blessing for all of us.

MS. With over 22 years of experience in this industry, we would like to know about your professional journey, major challenges faced and milestones achieved over years.

Kush Kapoor. A life without a challenge is a lazy life. I have always loved challenges and prefer always looking at the positive side of life. Our Failures always are our stepping stone to success and they always teach us Great experiences. We only need to keep a positive attitude towards life. I always say that “ If I can do this, you all can do it much better & faster than me. “ I was fortunate to start my career as a room boy in Oberoi Hotels, moved ahead to work as a laundry valet, matrimonial agent, a steward and later a receptionist before moving up the ladder of my career. Its been an immense learning all through these years. I have made many mistakes and always learnt from them as I do believe in 6 Fs ( fail first, fall forward, fail fast ). You only have 24 hours in a day, hence need to priortise your time and energy in the right direction as both time & energy are limited.

MS. What do you think it takes to succeed in this industry?

Kush Kapoor. Hospitality industry is one of the easiest industries to work in ( as per me ) as whatever do at home ( receive your friends & relatives, prepare the best food, show them your home, see them off & keep in touch ) you do the same thing in a hotel industry as well. Its only that you get paid for doing the same thing in a Hotel unlike at your home. It’s a fun & equally challenging industry, however if you love meeting & solving the concerns of Guest & your team, time flies away very fast teaching you & giving you immense memories to cherish.

MS. Roseate Hotels and Resorts is a luxury hospitality brand that offers a global collection of one-of-a-kind stay experiences. What makes Roseate and Hotels stand out from other properties you have worked in?

Kush Kapoor. It’s the flexibility to take decisions at all times to ensure your team & Guest are happy, satisfied which makes a huge difference in Roseate Hotels & Resorts. As a CEO, even I am out of having any office, without any E.A. we all work together from our work stations without any offices being given to anyone, without any doors, cabins which makes it a complete Transparent environment to work in which is loved by everyone at work. We always ensure to compete with our yesterday and try to do atleast one different thing everyday which adds value to the whole system.

MS. Two things you would like to change in the industry. What can we expect in the coming years?

Kush Kapoor. Use of technology In the most efficient & effective manner having a synergy between human capital & Artificial intelligence. Secondly, to bring Indian Hospitality to the World map.

MS. How do you see the hospitality industry evolve in post-COVID? What would constitute the new normal hotels?

Kush Kapoor. Flexibility, sticking to your basics when it comes to Hospitality will always be the key in any industry. There are numerous brand who have perished in the last 18 months & many Brand have evolved, its always survival of the fittest in any industry. We at Roseate Hotels & Resorts have been fortunate enough to make some Great innovations ( our own bottling plant, generating water from moisture, 24 X 7 access to anyone who wishes to see their food being prepared by our Chefs in our kitchens, opening of our Cafes, biggest Iskate ring in India, etc. and many more innovations have been done by us in the last 15 months ) which will take us a long way ahead.

MS. What should hotels be thinking beyond health and hygiene to attract guests?

Kush Kapoor. I always refer & prefer sticking to basics & use a 4 letter word for success ( TIPS – Transparent, innovation, Passion, Simple ). Keep your business as simple as possible as we are human being handling human beings and every human being loved being spoken and loves to talk to someone who addresses and resolves his or her concerns. If we learn how to manage ones EGO, we can work anywhere in the World.

MS. Increasingly, hotels are connecting with their guests on social media. What are your social media and online marketing strategies and how well has that worked?

Kush Kapoor. Our social media & marketing strategies are always aligned ensuring we connect with our partners, Guest, team members and always create an emotional bond with them. Our social media messages always talks about the human life, nurturing the talent, taking care & providing support to the community and I believe this has really worked well for us.

MS. What have been the crucial lessons learned and how has that helped changed your strategy?

Kush Kapoor. Be your competition, keep competing with your yesterday. Forget what you did yesterday, learn from your mistakes & moves ahead. Make mistakes & keep learning as this is the Best way to grow faster.

MS. While managing your time and deciding when to take breaks on a tight schedule, we are eager to know what keeps you busy when you are away from work? Please tell us about your hobbies that help you to relieve stress by keeping you engaged in something you enjoy.

Kush Kapoor. My day starts at 3:45 am when I wake up, go for a jog & walk, do my morning meditations & plan my day ahead. I love controlling my inner self which always provide me immense energy to handle entire day challenges. My day ends around 11:00 pm and I sleep peacefully ensuring I did whatever best I could do on that particular day. In order to get something different & new in life, you will have to something which you have never done in life. NEVER EVER QUIT.

MS. Any message that you would like to share with us.

Kush Kapoor. 3 things. Make sure you know your WHY – why you are doing what you are doing.

  • Make sure you know your goals.
  • Know the process you have to follow to achieve your goals.
  • Know what you will have to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals