Stuttgart’s Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper and Gerald Babel ‐ Sutter, CEO of UFGC GmbH, signed the contract to host the Urban Future Conference in Stuttgart in 2023 in the town hall of the state capital on Thursday, September 2nd. The Stuttgart Convention Bureau accompanied the application process intensively.

The Urban Future is one of the most important and largest international conference events on the subject of urban transformation and development, with particular emphasis on sustainability and climate protection. It is organized by UFGC GmbH and takes place annually in different cities. The main focuses of the Urban Future Conference include the areas of energy, housing, mobility, water, circular economy and urban society.

Around 2,600 guests from over 60 countries attended the last conference in 2019 in Oslo, Norway. Helsingborg in Sweden was selected for the conference in 2022.

Stuttgart as a cosmopolitan, economically strong and future-oriented metropolis

Lord Mayor Dr. When signing the contract, Nopper said: “I am very pleased that the Urban Future will be held in our city in 2023. In addition to the exchange with guests from home and abroad, this major event is an excellent opportunity to present Stuttgart as a cosmopolitan, economically strong and future-oriented metropolis. We also want to show how innovatively the key issues of urban transformation are being approached in our city and region. “

Gerald Babel ‐ Sutter stated: “In the state capital Stuttgart we have found a strong cooperation partner for our conference in 2023 and we are very much looking forward to the upcoming cooperation. Together we will set up an inspiring and innovative event that addresses the core issues of sustainable urban development. Cities and metropolises have an important pioneering role on the way to more climate protection and sustainability – this is one of the reasons why the talks and discussions at Urban Future 2023 in Stuttgart will be as exciting as they are forward-looking. “


The Urban Future Conference will take place in Stuttgart from June 21 to 23, 2023. There will be a diverse supporting program on different topics of sustainable urban transformation. Well-known companies and institutions from the city and region, such as Daimler AG and MHP GmbH, as well as the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) are already partners of the conference. On the municipal side, the Strategic Planning and Sustainable Mobility department in the mayor’s business group takes on the coordination.