Kerala tourism unveils Keravan Kerala


Three decades after the State made it big with houseboat tourism, Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala has unveiled a new tourism product – Keravan Kerala. The concept of Caravan Tourism, with its nonintrusive mode of development, will enhance the potential and attractiveness of Kerala as a tourism destination.

Driving a paradigm shift and rising to the demands and preferences of tourists in the post-pandemic world, Government of Kerala announced a comprehensive, stakeholder-friendly Caravan Tourism Policy, promising the visitors safe, customized and closest-to-nature travel experience.

It envisages laying down the broad frame work for the development and encouragement of Caravan Tourism in Kerala, predominantly in the private sector through incentivising the procurement of caravans and for establishing the caravan parks, chalking out process and procedures for its operations, approval mechanisms etc.

Caravan Tourism policy is unique for many reasons. For one, it facilitates travellers to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime-experience involving the luxury of caravans, the idyllic setting of caravan parks and Village Life Experience (VLE) packages powered by Kerala Responsible Tourism Mission. It aims at exploring the possibility of turning accessible but unexplored places in the state into alluring destinations for the caravan travellers to park and stay. The initiative is designed to make tourism a sustainable activity that would bring benefits to local communities and also scale up opportunities for the industry.

Keravan Kerala offers big opportunities for investors to operate specially-built caravans for travel, leisure and stay. It also envisages a key role for a host of stake-holders, including local self government institutions, to set up eco-friendly Caravan Parks across the state to enable the visitors to spend a night or a day or station for an extended period to explore the destination of their choice.