Kapil Vig General Manager Crowne Plaza, Rohini


MS. How did you get into the hospitality industry? Please tell us about your professional journey so far, including the challenges you’ve faced and the milestones you’ve reached.

Kapil Vig. I have had an excellent journey so far that includes working overseas as an employee and owning a hospitality business. I count my milestones when I make my team members grow through learning in addition to the hotel preopening experience in challenging markets.

MS. Are there any fascinating tidbits about the hotel that you could share? Maybe some background information? Have there been any special events on the property?

Kapil Vig. I think it is all about people management be it our guest or our colleagues. Adaptability is the need of the hour, and it means responding efficiently to ever changing market dynamics and that is what I believe is the key to success. With my family background of defence, adaptability comes naturally.

Uncertainty of business continuity and a shortened booking window is the new dynamic that all hotels are adapting to in today’s time

MS. What do you think is the most distinguishing or unique aspect of the Crowne Plaza hotel? What best represents the hotel’s personality, in your opinion?

Kapil Vig. I would say that Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini has a very balanced business mix including corporate, MICE, retail, wholesale and it is so encouraging to see social segment taking the lead not only among the segments but across the

industry for us. Apart from MICE, our FIT segments have been growing consistently over the years due to the industrial and commercial development in our business area which now ranges up to business zones of Panipat and Bahadurgarh as well.

MS. What is the most advantageous aspect of the location of Crowne Plaza? What are some of your favourite things to do in the area? What would you like to know about the hotel before checking in if you were contemplating staying there as a guest?

Kapil Vig. It is very interesting to see how northwest Delhi has developed over years I terms of corporate hubs, shopping malls, institutions, hospitals and manufacturing industries. One can enjoy multicuisine food at our restaurants or visit local restaurants at walking distance to enjoy dilli ka khana. As a guest, the accessibility to and from the hotel through road and metro is a key highlight. Rithala metro station is literally a stone throw away distance.

MS. What are the big challenges facing the hospitality sector today?

Kapil Vig. Uncertainty of business continuity and a shortened booking window is the new dynamic that all hotels are adapting to in today’s time. This becomes more challenging while the industry is facing an acute shortage of trained manpower. Currently there is a lot of movement happening in the industry due to these factors.

MS. What have been your biggest takeaways from the industry?

Kapil Vig. My biggest take away is a realization that the people are the most important aspect of our industry, and they are the ones contributing majorly to a hotel’s success. When I say people, I am talking of the teams at unit and above unit level, customers and the promotors.
At our hotel, we have our ‘IHG winning ways’ that help us to build the right culture and culture is imperative for success of any organization.

MS. How do you overcome the difficulty of planning and executing the events? Please share your experience on some of the events you’ve recently hosted at your venue.

Kapil Vig. Although the hotel has been established as one of the most successful MICE hotels in the country over last ten years, we keep our approach as hotel that choses to go an extra mile to continue to maintain our position as the most preferred choice for our customers. We are mostly busy with Lifestyle Exhibitions, Socials, B2B exhibitions and other corporate events.

MS. What have been your most memorable moments in the last 10 years? Please share your hobbies, what keeps you busy when you are away from work?

Kapil Vig. There are many memorable moments in last 10 years the most memorable being when I started my entrepreneurial journey in New Zealand and successfully ran it for 8 years before wrapping it up and coming back to India. My most recent time with family in Dubai has been another piece of time with family which I hold dear to my heart.
My contribution to Holiday Inn Agra as pre-opening General Manager was recognized by BRICS.

MS. If you could bring any change into force what would it be and why?

Kapil Vig. I would not say that I want to force changes, but I would rather say how would I like to make things better; work life balance, bringing in more employee value proposition for the upcoming workforce, use of affordable technological solutions and use of AI for guest and hotels.

MS. What message would you like to share with the Indian travel trade fraternity?

Kapil Vig. We are a resilient and robust industry which has overcome turbulent times and as veterans in industry; we should balance our EQ and IQ while taking decisions related to human capital working with us and rest will fall in place.