Mice Showcase Talks To Prasant Saha, Chief Executive Officer, Cimglobal


MS. Tell us about yourself, and your journey in this industry?
I am an MBA in International Business, from University of Westminster, UK. My early experience was with the Travel and Hospitality industry at UK. I was the Head, Asian markets for the Department of Trade and Industry, London. My inspiration has always been creating platforms for global communications and pushing the economic impact by positive business approach, which is why CIMGlobal, one of the forerunners in the Indian PCO realm came into existence. Our mission lies in playing a pivotal role in expanding the base of our industry and to be the number 1 player in our industry while retaining our people, business values and ethics.

MS. What factors you feel have enabled you to reach & sustain this position? How do you push through your worst times?
Curiosity to learn something new each time and catering to the needs of the client and team members and also having a goal bigger than your own need. To have a strong understanding of the business, customer centric, desire to constantly innovate and do all this with Speed, Simplicity and Collaboration.

MS. How many events have you handled so far?
We manage more than 100 events annually, from 150 to 20,000 participants and book more than 1,00,000 sleeping and meeting rooms annually around the world.

MS. Tell us about some of your flagship events and what lies in store in the coming years?
India Association Congress is CIMGlobal’s flagship event which was started in the year 2011 and this year it’s the 7th edition of the same. It’s a congregation of more than 300 association leaders to come together and contribute in the ever-growing congress. Apart from this CIMGlobal organize several large medical, technology conferences around the world.

MS. What is the business model of CIMGlobal? What activities you specialize in?
The 4 core activities handled by CIMGlobal are Association Consulting, Conference and Meeting Management, Exhibition Management & Technology Services.

MS. Describe some challenges you have faced in your previous projects. What did you do to ensure client satisfaction?
Conferences are very much dependent on what is happening around the world. And we thrive to come up stronger with each challenge and always having a plan B and if needed a Plan C to overcome any challenges and ensure client satisfaction.

MS. You are organizing 7th edition of India Association congress 2019. What are going to be the highlights of this edition?
We are excited about the 7th edition of IAC. This year we have a dedicated theme“Interconnected World of Associations” which will examine important questions such as Collaboration Without Fear, Communication between Association and Government, Cross Cultural Concerns, Cooperation not Protectionism etc. Visit our website to know more http://indiaassociationcongress.com/congress-topics/ Lately we can notice that politics try to make the global cooperation more stringent by imposing tariffs and igniting fear. We see that in this difficult scenario associations play a crucial role in minimizing the negative impact and see globalization as an integral part of development.

MS. What according to you is the impact of India Association Congress?
India Association Congress returns already with its 7th edition, which means that the industry is in need of such a congress where the association leaders come up on a common platform and discuss opportunities and challenges from National as well as International perspective. IAC has been attended previously by top industry leaders and the number is increasing each year.

MS. How do you manage and maintain work life balance?
This is a common scenario with each individual. I try to manage both in a sustainable manner and maintain balance by constantly pushing myself to work and rest more effectively.

MS. Where do you see your organization presently as compared to other competitors?
CIMGlobal is in the industry for more than 20 years and each year it is reaching new heights and trying to outgrow itself making itself better ever than before. Competition is what keeps our industry awake and always ready for new challenges.

MS. What are strategies undertaken by CIMGLOBAL to make a customer satisfied and to build long term relationships?
We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality and most professional management services available in the industry. We have been privileged to have extended our services to various government organizations, educational institutions, trade bodies, associations as well as multinational corporations. Our services are exceedingly professional and exceptionally planned to ensure that your organizational objectives are achieved. We determine goals, create value and deliver results on a per project basis.

MS. What are your upcoming plans? What keeps you awake at night?
Growth and Expansion is in my plans. And disruption is what keeps me alert.

MS. What are your success habits? Three things to achieve success in this business.
One should always stick to the mantra i.e., Innovate, Deliver and Repeat. We thoroughly believe in this and try to cater to our clients in a better way.

MS. What according to you are the challenges and the opportunities in MICE industry?
Opportunities are unlimited but there is a challenge every time. India has a great potential to attract the MICE market as of now and the percentage of incoming MICE business is still very small compared to other destinations. MICE industry builds the global cooperation, spread of innovation and betterment of whole society. India should definitely take the most of it by being active and taking advantage of available resources and talents.

MS. What kind of support do you feel, that the Government should provide in promotion of MICE industry?
. To promote the MICE industry the government is helping in easing the Conference Visa process, transparency in regulations and permit process and more international promotion in each industry.

MS. What is your take on technology? How do you integrate technology in your events?
Technology is an inseparable part of our event industry and we give great importance to it. That’s why we have developed our own event technology solution and have a dedicated team to cater all related needs in a shortest time.

A Quick Rapid-Fire-

MS. Recent Book you read?
Factfulness by Hans Rosling.

MS. Your Favourite Cuisine when you travel?
Thai Cuisine.

MS. Your Favourite “Ghar ka Khana”?

MS. Your Favourite Holiday Destination?

MS. Your Favorite Quote?
“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”

MS. Inspiration in your Life?
My Father.

MS. Your kind of Music?

MS. Your Favourite sport?