Komal Seth, Director at Linkin Reps Pvt Ltd


TMS. Please tell us about yourself and what initiated the genesis of the firm LINKIN REPS ?

Komal Seth. Our journey began with a deep passion for the travel industry and a vision to provide exceptional representation services. I saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between travel businesses and their target markets, and that’s how LINKIN REPS came into being. With years of experience in the industry, I felt there was a need for a firm that offered personalized, reliable, and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

TMS. What are some significant clients that you offer your esteemed services to? Are there any international collaborations as well? If yes, then please highlight.

Komal Seth. At LINKIN REPS, we are honored to serve a diverse range of esteemed clients. From leading hotel chains like Lily Hotels Maldives, OTP Hotel Sri Lanka and airlines like Jazeera Airways to destination management companies like Walkers Tours Sri Lanka, we cater to a wide spectrum of businesses in the travel sector. Our international collaborations further enhance our global presence and capabilities. We’ve partnered with renowned travel agencies and businesses in various countries, strengthening our reach and offering comprehensive services to clients worldwide.

TMS. Innovation can lead to increased productivity, as it encourages professionals when they see their ideas being

implemented and being consistent with innovation is no doubt a tedious job. At LINKIN REPS how do you foster a culture of innovation?

Komal Seth. Fostering a culture of innovation is crucial for us at LINKIN REPS. We believe in encouraging creativity, forward-thinking, and continuous improvement among our team members. By providing a supportive environment and recognizing innovative ideas, we inspire our professionals to strive for excellence in their work. Additionally, we invest in training and development programs to equip our team with the skills and knowledge needed to embrace new technologies and approaches.

TMS. In this competitive zone of work, how do you tailor your sales approach for different target markets? Please share some recent successful campaigns.

Komal Seth. In the competitive travel industry, tailoring our sales approach is key to reaching different target markets effectively. We analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies to design customized campaigns that resonate with specific audiences. Recently, we’ve launched successful campaigns targeting luxury travelers, family vacationers, and adventure enthusiasts. Understanding the unique needs and preferences of each market segment allows us to deliver compelling messages and drive engagement and conversions.

TMS. What makes LINKIN REPS a unique firm in terms of its approach to innovation and business strategies? Are there specific tools or technologies employed to streamline and coordinate these strategies?

Komal Seth. What sets LINKIN REPS apart is our innovative approach to business strategies. We leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to streamline our operations and enhance collaboration with clients and partners. Moreover, our focus on creativity, adaptability, and client-centric solutions ensures that we stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry landscape.

TMS. Which social media platforms, according to you are deemed most effective and what factors contribute to this effectiveness? Can you provide insights into the process of creating and managing engaging content on social media?

Komal Seth. When it comes to social media, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are incredibly effective for reaching our target audience in the travel industry. Visual content plays a significant role in capturing attention and inspiring engagement. We create and manage engaging content by showcasing stunning destinations, sharing travel tips and insights, and featuring client testimonials and success stories. Maintaining a consistent brand voice and leveraging user-generated content help us foster meaningful connections with our audience and drive brand awareness and loyalty.

TMS. Please share a brief message to the industry.

Komal Seth. To all our esteemed colleagues in the travel industry, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and collaboration. In these competitive times, let us remain resilient, innovative, and united in our efforts to rebuild and revitalize the travel sector. Together, we can overcome obstacles, embrace opportunities, and create memorable experiences for travelers around the world.